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Horse Trivia 
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What I Love about What I do
Teaching is in your soul. Where the need to teach comes from is a mystery. And the love of horses, I think, comes from within o
ur souls. It is a part of me that demands attention as much as eating and drinking. Non-horse friends assume that I just love to teach. But it is much more than that. It is really awesome to watch the incredible bond of horse and rider. To see the joy that a horse’s warm kind eye and his nicker draw from his rider. To see the enthusiastic pet from the rider because the horse brings such deep awe to them. An amazing, crazy delight of life.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be well educated by the horses. The old timers – they had trade secrets. They kept these secrets for their families and business. The old timers are passing on, and with them, their secrets. Things are now changing. Clinton Anderson, Linda Tellington-Jones (TTouch/TTeam) , we want to pass along those secrets to the next generation of horseman. I am able to share this joy with the world of my students.

What I love about my job is that I get a chance to watch people smile and laugh as they learn about new things. I watch the light bulb come on as they connect the dots of learning. I have the self satisfaction that I have helped that student become a better horseperson and a better, happier, more productive person. An improved student at school, a more productive administrator at the office, a happier mom. A person happy from the inside out.


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